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GSI Creos -Semiconductor manufacturing systems・parts sales


From process systems such as epitaxial systems, hologram exposure devices to transfer robots and chiller components, quartz, graphite, single crystal sapphire materials, import and sell unique products for semiconductor production from Europe and the United States.


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ITW Japan Ltd.


BrooksMFC provides the latest MFC “MultiFlo digital controller” that has overcomes a long-standing limitation of many MFCs・MultiFlo can…


●Change gas and range while equiped on the system.
●Significantly reduce user’s spare inventory.
●To higher accuracy processes (adjustment is possible)



●To a stable small individual difference process( digital control) ●Reduce down time
●Trouble predicting management is possible(monitoring while equipped on system)
●Short lead time is applicable at purchase
●Based on agreement with your company(Hold parts)

And so on, responding to the customers needs by updating with new functions that digital MFC’s until now could not have made possible. Also the same as conventional MFCs…

●Can install to existing system with no alteration(fittings, connectors)
●High precision realized! Set point ±1.0%
●Self-diagnosis function installed
●Variable responsiveness(1sec~2sec) guaranteed



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Precision Polymer Engineering

After selling the first high purity perfluoroelastomer in 1990, PPE has been leading the field of materials innovation.







Advantages of PPE elastomer material
●Extended tool preventive maintenance cycle
●Decrease process defects
●Decrease particle generation
●Improve tool efficiency
●Reduction of ownership cost


Main products brands:


・ENDURA TM : High performance fluoroelastomer elastomer products
・Perlast® : Industry leading edge perfluoroelastomer products
・KIMURA TM : High Performance Elastomer(HPE) products


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IBP Technologies Co.,Ltd

Thermocouples for ASM Epsilon Reactors


●A line that can be used for all ASM Epsilon systems
●2 types of Gend X series for cost-oriented customers
・Adopted Gen1.0 OEM standard quartz sheets
・Adopting Gen1.1 quartz manufacturer’s standard size achieving
10~30% life extension and low cost compared to Gen1.0.
●Achieving a long life of about 40~160% compared with Gen 1.0 without requiring modification of the Gen 20 Gen 2.0 reactor that meets long life requirement from customers


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World Chemical Co., Ltd.


Chemical pump products line-up


YD-GS type
〇A compact, light weight and highly durable pump excellent in cost performance
〇Ideal for FPD · print board · plating process, chemical plant

YD-GSM type
〇Mechanical seal type horizontal pump
〇Ideal for wastewater treatment facilities

YD-NSF,SF type
〇Sealess vertical self-priming pump



Floating oil collect system product line-up

YD-GYPT type
〇Collect floating oil, floating pump for transfer
〇With forced gathering scraper, ideal for high scum, sludge mixture and miscellaneous waste water float oil collecting
〇It is also effective in gathering floating oil in a centralized coolant tank



Packing for flange, DAI-EL Packing

Corrosion resistance table

Liquid Resistance
Hydrochloric acid 35%
Acridic acid 50%
Sulfate 98%
Phosphoric acid 85%


〇strong corrosion resistance against inorganic acids.
〇Since the contact surface has elasticity, it can be tightly, sealed


Material: All FPM/ for JS 10K

Sizes: 50A 40A 25A


Manufacturer homepage→http://WWW.WCC.CO.jp/



Nihon Pure Sonic K.K.


RAID1 (Dual HDD System)

A RAID 1 (mirroring) control unit designed with 3.5 inch HDD size.
Inside, two 2.5 inch HDDs of SATA(Serial ATA) type which is the current communication standard are installed and if one HDD crashes the other functioning HDD will avoid from the system stop running .
It is one of the products that many has been installed in mainly semiconductor manufacturing systems.


CF (Compact Flush) Unit

It is a replacement unit of FDD of SCSI standard.
*It is difficult to acquire the FD drive and 3.5 inch FD (media) which is currently discontinued. Many have been sold for mainly AMAT systems.
The best feature is the access speed.
By all means, please experience this speed.
*This CF Unit can be used the same way as the FDD you have been using. There si no need to modify the system or change settings.


Light Pen

It is a light pen used for CRT monitors.
Have been sold for AMAT(Centura, Endura, Producer, P5000, PI9500) and Therma-Wave(OP Series).




Handle various O-Rings. Various dimensions and materials such as fluororubber, silicon, NBR etc. are available.

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