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Data collecting software single wafer EPI system

Keep record of various data that is requested through SECS communications and provide real time monitoring.
Record by the start-processing message and sequentially save the recorded data in CSV file format by end-processng message.

Protocol converter single wafer ETCH, batch type ETCH system

In SESC communication with system and host , can support automation operation, record and save various data of the system.

Protocol converter implant system

Turn implant system PC to DOS/V
(Design/develope process computer)

Implant system
processing data recording system
(Record processing data to computer)

DNS636 Controller

By computerization resolve issues as dent buttons on built-in control panel and screen image defects.

PC-98 ➝ to DOS/V

Please consult us about migrating to DOS/V , changing to OS, and other system effectiveness on running sytem with PC-98.


Case 1: Online
Connect fab host computer with sytem and make recipe managment, lot managment, process data management possible.




Case 2: Data managment
Collect system’s data and manage the system.
Temporarily stop the system when a data error is detected and can avoid large amounts bad wafers.




Case 3 : Tools
Recipe Editor, Emulator, Data Analysis, Paperless, etc.

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